Barangay Santiago is popularly known as “Payapang Burol” among people in community and its neighboring barangays. Our Barangay was formerly part of Payapa which was divided into payapang Burol and Payapa Labak, a barrio of Lipa together which are four other barrios namely Calicangan, Bilucao, Luta, Muzon, separated from Lipa and formed a new town of Malvar in 1919. Then five barrios were subdivided into 15 barangays of Malvar.

There was no recorded history about the emergence of its people on whether were originated from certain tribes or minorities like in other places, but its people were came to know as the typical Batanguenos. Some early settlers were the families of Lat, Manalo, Lantin, Laja,Coro, Terrenal, Mendoza, Dimaunahan, Lajato, Ocampo, Bautista, Olan, Javier, Cuevas, which are evidently predominant existing in this barangay.

The first to lead this barangay since it was created year 1919 was Cabeza de Barangay Claro Lat, Santiago Manalo, then to Barrio Lieutenant Galicano Laja, Ambrocio Terrenal, Vicente Orias, Amado Mendoza, Emilio Hernandez, Baldomero Lantin and Barangay Captain Artemio Abrogena, Teodoro Lantin, Renato Lorzano, Zenaida Aranza, Melchor Hernandez and Araceli Mendoza.

Now as it was established at its own very name Barangay Santiago derived from its Patron Santiago Apostol and it has an inhabitant of 4,891: 2,495 were male and 2,396 Female (as of 2009 census) there were 1,176 households with 1,276 families. The main sources of income were classified as industrial, commercial and agricultural. There were employed in private & government offices, factories, overseas contract workers and were engaged in wood & iron craft, auto shops, garments industry, vegetables farming, piggery, and nata de coco production. Fast food counters line up along the main & provincial road.

Barangay Santiago is a peaceful & progressive home of industrious people. It is located next to the boundary of Lipa City and Malvar to the North & is 3.5 kilometers away from the town proper. It has a total land area of more than 352 hectares within which approximately 25% is being occupied by the LIMA Technology Center.


Punong Barangay: Melchor Abrenica Hernandez

Barangay Kagawad:

1.Gerald Liwanag Madrid

2.Sean Elrey Lantin Mendoza

3. Noli Lorzano Laja

4.Arman Jay Medina Bautista

5.Mario Cuevas Anglo

6.Ronnie Lajato De Castro

7.Elmer Simbahan Saul

Barangay Secretary: Zerna Ladia Terrenal
Barangay Treasurer: Jesse Linatoc Mendoza

SK Chairperson : Dustin Miguel Morfe Lat

SK Member:

1.Kim Almira Albarico Saul

2.Gail Ann Saul Lanti

3.Trishia Cuevas Mendoza

4.John Vincent Saul Caringal

5.Mark John Peralta Bornilla

6.Mark Gregy Embile Llanes

7.Mark Dhanwell Reyes Liwanag

SK Secretary: Kim Daren D. Gusi

SK Treasurer: Mark Joseph K. Lajato